from by Galaxy Swim Team

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I see our stars all turn to dust, as the galaxy surrounds us.
The way might not always be so clear, so we’ll fight through our tears.
I know if all my dreams ring true, they’ll lead me back to you.
So I’ll keep my hopes aimed toward the sky. I won’t need wings to fly

A streak of light cuts through the atmosphere, colors fall from the sky.
The view from up here, the stars never seemed to look so clear.

Take my hard, the sky is calling us. Kiss the planet goodbye.
Caught in wanderlust, surrounded by shoreless seas of stardust.

Somewhere out there, I know we will find some place we can call home.
Out there I know that we’ll found our answers.

Will you take me there?
Who will take us there?

I know someday I'll find myself out there,
but until then i’ll wait just as long as it takes for you.


from [GST​-​01], released January 24, 2015