by Galaxy Swim Team

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I see our stars all turn to dust, as the galaxy surrounds us. The way might not always be so clear, so we’ll fight through our tears. I know if all my dreams ring true, they’ll lead me back to you. So I’ll keep my hopes aimed toward the sky. I won’t need wings to fly A streak of light cuts through the atmosphere, colors fall from the sky. The view from up here, the stars never seemed to look so clear. Take my hard, the sky is calling us. Kiss the planet goodbye. Caught in wanderlust, surrounded by shoreless seas of stardust. Somewhere out there, I know we will find some place we can call home. Out there I know that we’ll found our answers. Will you take me there? Who will take us there? I know someday I'll find myself out there, but until then i’ll wait just as long as it takes for you.
thinking back now to that day wish we didn't go this way talked and watched in a dreamy haze but now we're different from that day color bright as green and red didn't think of what you said dreams are gone what else is new in the end we’re up at noon when you think of me and I think of you do you remember when we weren't so blue? sometimes I don't know if I can make it but baby I know you are worth it eyes shine as bright as our future baby don't run, don’t fear when you think of me and I think of you do you remember when we weren't so blue? loving you is hard to do
I try too hard to see you and now that that I've lost you 一人で I am alright my heart is at ease goodbye I'll miss you 忘れないわ



released January 24, 2015

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this comp, and Galaxy Swim Team a reality. The future is very exciting for us all <3

noah "2 guns" orduna, zach "robodad 420" gillespie, mika, calvin, jami, seth, pedro, feeb, torrance, nik, tyler, erin, amara, dani, yumi, alyssa, zenny, thomas, rob, theo, gst fam, hot topic, yotsuba, and yui hirasawa

Joy, my number one inspiration for everything, Mike, Grant, Pat, my loving family: Mom, Dad, Dean, Kenny, and Ty, Andre, Courtney, Pedro, Jami, Erin, Seth, Amara, Danika, Tyler, Andre, my Asuka dakimakura, Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Strawberry Lemonade, Hannibal Buress, Menswear Dog, and everyone else I'm blessed to have in my life

Ivy, Connor, Anika, Nik, Garland, Ethan, Otis, Ben, James, Ian, Raney, Kevin, Ted, Maria, Al, Tanner, Tyler, Magic Yume Records, Petal Port Music, SAFARI Collective, my amazing friends that make up GST, the Foxbox, and Bandai.

primary effect:
harmony, jami, pedro, yung yung, nik, tyler, danika, victoria, meishi smile, coda, surasshu, aivi tran, andrew "dj bouche" lim, a-rival, the internet, my MMO friends lists all of GST and u

Vallco Guardian:
Hydration reborn, lil homie cigarettes <3 cridius, jr adelberg, furcon, jerome romeo, the white album, my dog velma, nicks dog patches, angelous, NOT CHUCK LIDELL, the klingons from furcon mo buckets and the rest of the 2014-2015 golden state warriors

Elia, for supporting my silly dreams, being my best friend, and kissing me even after I eat mad taco bell, everyone in GST for being some of the best friends and label mates I could ask for,
Mom, Dad, Garret, Grant, Emma, Nik, Alyssa, Tim, Tyler, Camm, Derek, Calvin, Garrett, Jami, Pedro, Brandon, Ivy, Seth, Harmony, Amara,
Hot Topic for following me on twitter, Vanessa Carlton, and the Superburger down the street from my house for being a continued source of inspiration. Special thanks to Petal Port for letting me be a part of their amazing collective. And a huge thank you to all the musicians who have inspired me over the years to keep dreaming. <3

ZER0 Divide:
Mom and Dad and Derek, all of my GST fam, Julian, Franklin, Andrew, Justin and Caity, Shu Lace, Nik and Alyssa, Elia. Kyle Sous D'or, Breanna, Salacious Wizard Cult, Major Seven, Tuxedo Gleam, Micah Van Zandt, Princess Dye, Scott Cortez, Siouxsie Sioux, Davey Havok, David Bowie, Dir en grey, Mindless Self Indulgence, Keith Sweat, George Clinton, Stacey Q, Debbie Deb, Stevie B, Saki Hiwatari, Kunihiko Ikuhara, Akira Toriyama, Petal Port, and anyone else who was ever helped inspire or support me in any way shape or form.



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