"So Dude, What Are You Doing After High School​?​" [GST​-​17]

by Crying on Vacation

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Secret Castle
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Secret Castle if you're not screaming along lyric for lyric after the first listen what the fuck are you doing~??

literally the soundtrack to a never-ending summer vacation Favorite track: 6TEEN!! DYING FOREVER!!!!.
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DeerSkulled IMO best album of 2017. if you dont like it you have bad taste. fite me irl behind the dumpster at the third house on the left on heck road. Favorite track: Skippy.
dynastic thumbnail
dynastic album of the year, made me feel like the 18 year old i am Favorite track: Skippy.
Tim Molloy
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Tim Molloy Noah Hafford gave us a sample of his pop alternative wisdom with his single "That Way," and I thought that might have been a one-time side project away from his electronic chiptune vibes. Well I'm glad to know that I was wrong! Hafford brings some fantastic sounds that shows his growth as an artist and depth of skill. I love both the early 2000s pop-alternative and the anime-spaceship-chiptune sounds that Hafford creates. All I can say is, please don't make me choose between them! Favorite track: Can't Stay Long.
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All songs recorded in my bedroom at 2AM


released June 10, 2017

All tracks written, recorded, produced, performered and mastered by Noah Hafford
Additional vocals on "October" by Jia Martin
Cover art shot by Nik Clay



Track Name: Stay in Bed
It seems surreal
to be ignoring how I feel
I guess I've been a little stressed
It’s all in my head
I miss the comfort of my bed
But I will continue to do my best

To be a person worth my salt
To be a functioning adult
I hate where I've found myself
but that's my fault

I feel like shit, so I'm blocking out the sun
I'm blocking out the sun again
I feel like shit so I'm blocking out the sun
I’ll never see my friends again

I’m better off staying in bed
Track Name: 6TEEN!! DYING FOREVER!!!!
It doesn't beat California
It's never beaten anyone
but I'd spend my whole life just waiting here
It bums me out cause you said it best
when I get worked up
I'm a fucking mess
But I hope somehow you'll try to understand

I can feel it slipping through my bones
I know we're perfectly alone
but it's not like I could live without you here

It's getting easy to feed these thoughts when you ditch me for drinks in a parking lot
Well I know you all mean well but
this is shit
Do my best to face the facts
but when I feel left out
all i do is react
I guess this is just how I'll always be
Track Name: Skippy
Hit me up, I'm freaking out across the room
Stressing out about if I’m too shy for you
Pretty sure you caught me staring at my phone
I thought by 22 I wouldn't feel alone
Fill me up, I wanna be somebody else
I'm feeling pretty falling all over myself
My friends are happy as far as i can see
Can someone crack a window?
It’s getting hard to breathe

Gimme a sec to collect my thoughts
Gimme a sec cause the room just won’t stop spinning, spinning,
spinning, spinning

"Oh, I know you're here
you've made it very clear"
All my friends think I’m embarrassing
Oh, I know it's true
no matter what you do
I'm a mess so keep consoling me

Keep consoling me

Play it cool, I'm crying on your bathroom floor
Pull myself together, I think someone's at the door
Across the room I see you knock over a shelf
Oh my god, I love the way you love yourself
Track Name: Can't Stay Long
I lose myself when I get paranoid
It feels so much easier just to avoid
And I get scared of walking backwards
or staying where I start
But someday the distance I create
might tear us apart

Please stay strong
I could try to feel at home but it will
Always feel wrong
No matter where we go we feel we
Don’t belong
I know I said I missed you but I
Can’t stay long
I won’t stay long

This time I’m not living 12 whole months in fear
I’ll risk everything I’ve got just for a better year
And I know I said I’d stick around
so we could make it big somehow
It’s not that I forgot
it’s just that things are different now
Things are different now

And I hope you know that I will always cherish my time with you
I just wish that I had told you everything you helped me through
Track Name: October
Just don’t burn out
Would you save your doubt?

You’re the only thing that
keeps me here
You’re the only thing that
keeps the tears away
And if you fall in love with someone else
Promise me you won’t have anything to say

Will we stay the same?
When we sleep all day
Track Name: deadwax
This bed
is an ocean in my head
When I close my eyes
you’re the only one who’s dead
Track Name: Slow Me Down
Sleeping bag, your bedroom floor
I can still see shadows under the door
Breathe slowly. Do I sound insecure?
Spit it out for goodness' sake
Whisper in the dark,
"Are you still awake?"
There's something I need to hear you say

Slow me down
We’re slowing down the pace
Slow me down, we’re slowing down
But you were there for me
When I needed someone
Like I needed anyone
Would you slow things down for me?

The things you do I can't understand
Your angelic sleight of hand
This Sunday turned in to making plans
Tangled up in matinée
You always seem to look as I look away
You turn me into a bad cliché

And now I’m reaching for your hand
I hope that you will understand
I feel pathetic when you’re gone
So if you gotta go, can I tag along?

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