Lumine [GST​​​-​​​04]

by bansheebeat

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    CD comes in a matte paper sleeve, with salmon album art variant! Whoa!!!

    Album artwork by Grant Newbold

    Photos by Noah Hafford
    Background artwork by Elia Cat

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    Album artwork by Grant Newbold

    Photos by Noah Hafford
    Tape design Noah Hafford

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Comes with:
Mint, salmon, and periwinkle album cover variants

released 07 July 2015

All tracks composed, arranged, produced, and mixed by bansheebeat
All tracks mastered by Noah Hafford, with consultation from bansheebeat, Mike Vallejo, and Calvin Hansen

Everything recorded and sequenced in my bedroom while watching endless episodes of The Eric Andre Show and Parks and Recreation, in and around Mike and Joy’s apartment, and from other various places around Tucson, AZ where working on an album is probably inappropriate.

All songs written by bansheebeat, except track 2, composed by bansheebeat and Ivy Hollivana, and track 5, composed by bansheebeat and Patrick Sovereign

Artwork by Grant Newbold

bansheebeat would like to thank:
Joy, for being my single inspiration for everything, as well as the most positive source of support in my life, my family - Mom, Dad, Dean, Kenny, Ty, and Opus, Mike G, Grant, Pedro, Jami, Amara, Pat, Mike Vallejo and Jack, Seth, Jia, Danika and Victoria and everyone else at Crunchyroll, everyone at GST – Noah, Jackson, Sam, Devin, and Max, Ivy, Calvin - Anna, Jacob, and Pancake from Chalkboards, Nik and Alyssa, Jackson B and Harm, everyone from the Bay, especially Danny and Brenda for letting me crash at your place, Omni, Courtney, Domi, Kyle Yerhot, Russell from YES/NO, Deviant and Jacob from Sputnikmusic, Tyler, Cammi, Andre, my Asuka dakimakura, the cast of Parks and Recreation, Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Strawberry Lemonade, everyone at Shaft Animation, Hannibal Buress, Menswear Dog, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and everyone else I was fortunate enough to meet over the last two years. It is undeniable that this record would not exist without each and every one of you, and I’m completely blessed to have you all in my life.

please listen kindly.


released July 7, 2015



Track Name: Sea of Lights (feat. Ivy Hollivana)
i float weightlessly away from my body
heavy with grief
so, in and out
my pain, the worst drug
one could ever take
kills you with every memory

so it's time to escape
my world, my faith is hurt
it's simply too much to take

i hope i can fly, one day, away
from today, and the week ahead
but the years i dread

so soon, i hope to be dead

i have a few things to finish up
i'll battle through this
and throw up
all the memories
and everything else
the days are too long
nothing is left for me now

but maybe i'll get through
this stubborn sadness
and get away from this mess
i really do hope i can survive
without you

kill my hope

let me go

kill my hope, and hope
that i can breathe again
Track Name: Cultural Festival Arc (feat. Sekka Yufu)
I try
too hard
to see you
and now that
that I've lost you

am alright
my heart
is at ease
I'll miss you

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