It Happens Too Briefly To Know [GST​-​14]

by Jr. Adelberg

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We’re just kids falling out But you’re convinced we’ll undo it all we hid this in faith and calm Your breaths fading now And so its worth taking every chance we get give me your hands, your health, your best we came down again ive paid my dues Confound Youre dropped, into Existing situations Signaling to, you in foreign tongues that I wont figure out Break out Sent down, to find still bears no explanation Creating time, until we Crash then call to relive flight I cant undo it all, no I cant undo it all Its worth playing out but you know I cant undo it all, no I cant undo it all But the worst, is leaving now I believe what you saw You proved me wrong In the lights and the reaches we All move On
Keep all these starts displaced Create space Thrust back but remain In this state Feel hearts slow down We will beat ours, no sound we value
Width be strong, take hits granted gray is in love bridges out, its coming back sitting back, calling out under waves and sea beds divisive blend, all faint glow breathing all the same 2 days left I remain still hyper aware cross from us thought i Felt a hovering monolith Crashed into a chasm It covers then recovers Look for signs, painting over films It covers then recovers, again
Intro Free up, months or Maybe, summers Counting, scenes i’d relive Time has come, visit all, those grievances to become, uninvolved, its easier To just stay numb, risk it all Ive said my peace, to all who want (Call) I’ll, borrow, now (Response) You’re leaving so quickly, just do what you can (Call) Run, Follow down (Response) You tell me if you think its really worth it Cutting all your ties forever tell me that its worth it staring at the ceiling thought id really keep my heart intact calling out to form a place that we had built on I see you pulling there getting everyone else lost Fully numb until i can see it and our voices drown Calm Down Calm Down Calm Down
I knew you couldnt be that far, on the highway countin abandoned cars, now we’re standing opposite the bells, weaving Alternate positions, realizing our visions Its all the same, in weathered spirits we came Ill take in the statues, filtered reasons out through Measuring our years and caught on all your fears of Building costly broken bodies Its all the same, im not calling your name
you know its going to stay the same your life is running away from yourself and every time you think youve changed it all restarts again. can't you tell that all the time you spent apart just drove you further from the ones you love and all the wasted opportunity weighs on your heart heavily we treat them like lights on a runway but we know ourselves, we know our thoughts when will our hearts start listening? we start to break ourselves against the fall and feel how weak our bodies are the years it took to build these walls i know i cant undo it all but will i ever be happy like i was when i was 5 years old before i felt the sting of the words or the weight of my clothes by the time my hope in the world and myself had begun to tear i knew in my heart i do not belong anywhere
All youve wished to feel again amidst the perceived end, breaking through you Trails of black ice you dont need reasons why youll process this in time youll relive every line out til your familiar states re-align and all that succeeds
I felt it collapsing Blocks ring now from some Beautifully drawn out song Feels like stars came in And light rang out Just in time, in time Callouses, Calamities Gone Slow down youre standing on your own now bulding on your old crowns you'll let this through you Close now Youre moving with a glow, how did you really know, sounds Like you fooled me Glasses Seen my faith en masse & Crawled across the fences Breathing cocoons Births grasp seems to firmly chase out Climb into our hideout Stay in silence
I’m tired of breaking off to mind myself, it feels like ive tried this path so long naturally we separate then call to remember faces, pray for breaks to phases, lazy, don’t believe in anything this motion can mean as we took flight making way for just falling out falling out i cant undo it all but the worst is gone and im fine, again but will you go on to keep this place with you but dont feel like you owe anything and through your life, at last you see these moments surrounding you & me did you ever think that we’d leave?


released March 8, 2017

Jr. Adelberg is


Additional Vocals on Excel by Noah Hafford
Additional Guitar on Breaks In Motion by Borin Bou

Artwork by Aaron Coleman



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